Allison’s Tuscany is a blog about me and my family as we discover Tuscany, its best kept secrets, and so much more. My passions include: health, organic food, extra virgin olive oil, local living, farm to table, cooking with locals, learning about deep rooted Tuscan food traditions, local farmers, wine, touring the countryside with my family, being a mom, and raising my two sons, David and Francesco, in Florence.

I came here, from Texas, in 2003 to study and never looked back. I was fortunate enough to marry a man who LOVES to explore and appreciated how beautiful his home is. He has taken me all over and I have seen some of the most beautiful towns and countryside in the world. Tuscany is so diverse and has so much to offer: rolling hills, sea side, mountains, and let’s not forget the food, wine, and rich cultural history!

In 2011 I started on my first cookbook: Graziella’s Tuscan KitchenIt is a collection of recipes and cooking tips my mother-in-law has taught me over the years. She was gracious enough to let me share them with the world. A few of the recipes in the book can be found in the recipe section of this website.

angelo/allison Another interest of mine is in Tuscan wines, I love visiting wineries and learning about each estates unique history and wine making process and technique. Most people love the idea of wine tasting in Tuscany but are not sure how to go about it.  In my DIY Self-guided Wine Tours section, I will list all the best wineries in Tuscany sharing all the information you would need to know in order to visit on your own.

Please take some time and explore my blog as I hope it helps inspire you to journey to this beautiful place!