Graziella’s Tuscan Kitchen Cookbook!

One of the greatest perks of marrying an Italian is marrying into a culture that loves food and in most cases, to someone who cooks really well! Unfortunately for me, my husband knows nothing about cooking and I soon learned why… he never needed to learn, his mother is one of those natural born cooks and Angelo can eat there anytime he wants. Since we have been married, I have been fortunate enough to learn all of Graziella (my mother-in-law’s) recipes and kitchen secrets. And the biggest secret of all…her cooking is actually really easy!


In 2011, I started writing down all of Graziella’s recipes.
Initially I just wanted to create a book to pass down to my children so that their nonna’s recipes would always be remembered, but the idea just kept growing and with Graziella’s permission I decided to write a cookbook to share with the world.


This cookbook contains over 40 recipes each with detailed steps on how to make each dish. Click here for some of my Tuscan recipes.

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Book Description:
Book size: 8″ x 8″
108 pages full color paperback
Printed in the USA by Gorham Printing

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